Index page for Studer monitoring

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allhistorical files, access for download (no graphs)
up to date
ghiwan download 2021-09-20
khaetdabba download 2021-09-20
tuba download 2021-09-20
center download 2021-09-20
not up to date
rhawa download 2021-06-20
hiwara download 2021-05-06
ummakn download 2021-09-12
khaletafaneh download 2021-06-13
thaaleh download 2021-05-06
isfay download 2021-08-28
umalkheirsouth download 2021-04-10
satahelbahar download 2021-07-05
herabaitnabi download 2021-09-17
einsamya download 2021-07-11
below broken